Richie and Lisa met on a Saturday in May 2002. Lisa had come home that summer from Michigan State to work at Papa Vino’s as a hostess. She walked into Papa Vino’s and went to punch in and put her purse underneath the host stand. Richie saw her and wondered, who is this girl? Richie was also working at Papa Vino’s as a server; but they had never met until that day. A few weeks later, Lisa told a server at Papa Vino’s that she thought Richie was a great guy and that server told their manager, Michelle. One day, Michelle came up to Lisa while she was working and said, “Lisa, would you like to go on a date with Richie?” Lisa, of course did, but she told Michelle that Richie had to come over and ask her himself. Richie walked over to Lisa and said, “Well, I guess we are going on a date.” They exchanged numbers and a few days later, they went on their first date to Cosi in Ann Arbor.

What a great first date! They had a great dinner and for dessert, Richie ordered the tableside S’mores. What a romantic way to end the evening roasting your own S’mores over candlelight.

Now, ten years later, Richie and Lisa have shared a lot together. This year has been especially memorable, buying their first house together, in which they will create even more memories together.